Mod (originally modernist, sometimes capitalised) is a subculture that originated in London, England in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s.

By the mid-1960s, the rivalry between mods and rockers had begun to wane, with the mod crowd increasingly embracing pop art and the psychedelic movement. London, during these years, became a hub for avant-garde fashion, groundbreaking music, and the pulsating heart of pop culture, in an era fondly dubbed “Swinging London.” In this climate of cultural revolution, mod style transcended its British origins, capturing the imaginations of young people in the United States and beyond. The mod aesthetic was no longer seen as just a niche subculture; it had become a symbol of the vibrant and expansive youth culture of the time.

The Mod movement, originating in London, expanded across Great Britain and internationally, leaving a lasting impact on fashion and trends worldwide. This subculture emerged in the late 1950s among a group of stylish, London-based youths known as modernists, who were distinguished by their appreciation for modern jazz. With a strong emphasis on music and fashion, Mod culture is characterized by distinctive fashion choices, often featuring the Lambretta scooter as a signature element.

The interest in motor scooters waned with the availability of affordable cars, yet experienced a resurgence in the 1960s. This revival was driven by London’s youth, who were drawn to Italian style and subsequently adopted the Lambretta scooter as a symbol of their lifestyle. The era’s prominent band, The Who, significantly shaped Mod culture. Their album, Quadrophenia, not only influenced the scene but also lent its name to a late-70s film paying homage to the Mod movement, with the Lambretta taking a central role.

Today, Lambretta remains emblematic of the Mod subculture, epitomizing the scooter as the quintessential Mod vehicle and reflecting the era’s unique Italian-inspired style.


M(A) 125
The Model M also Known as Model A was the first Lambretta to leave the production line at the Innocenti factory in 1947.
Lambretta 1984


LC 125
This model was the first Lambretta to feature full sized leg shields and side panels. The letter ‘L’ stood for ‘Luxury’ due this special panel work.


This was the first Model that was made outside of Italy as Innocenti started to sell the license of production around the world.


The Series Li 3 and all subsequent models were nick named the “slim style” due tue their similar sahepes (LI, TV, SX, GP).


The extremely successful GP was named DL in Italy.



V special

The model is the first new range model and enetered the market in 2018.