Lambretta retouched – Jack The Ladd

Lambretta Retouch – Jack the LaddJack the Ladd was built by Gareth Jones from Lille, North Wales, in memory of his father, who passed away unexpectedly in January 2017. Gareth has always been a huge fan of Lambrettas and Vespas and has restored a few in his youth. For years he dreamed of owning his […]

Lambretta Twist

Join the original ‘Lambret-Twist’ of Lambretta performed by Quartetto Cetra in 1962.

Already Over 600 Dealers

Already over 600 dealers worldwide are selling the new Lambretta V-Special scooters – find one in your local area. 

Lambretta Pirelli Edition

Already in the 1950s Lambretta recommended the tyres of the Milan-based tyre manufacturer Pirelli. When developing the new Lambretta, which celebrated its sensational world premiere in 2017, it soon became clear that Pirelli was again the first choice for the tyres. Accordingly, all Lambretta scooters sold in Europe are fitted with Pirelli tyres on delivery. […]

New Accessories Available

Apart from first-class motor scooters, the Lambretta accessories leave nothing to be desired – there is certainly something for you in our range. A large number of different carriers, protectors, windscreens, locks and tarpaulins await you. In addition Lambretta provides a series of helmets in the same colours as the vehicles. High end materials like […]

Lambretta Rider – Marco Giacomazzi

We want to introduce to you some of our riders all over the world and we are getting started with Marco Giacomazzi from Sydney, Australia. Here is Marco’s story: I have always been interested in all things automotive. Then earlier this year I finally decided to purchase a scooter.When I was researching which scooter I […]